ETW Athletes 2019

Tuesday, May 7 2019


Mitch Kamp - Mitch has shown impressive mental toughness and resilience throughout his career with the Blue Circle. Mitch is the Throws Team’s only senior. Every other member of his class choose to walk away from the team. Many people would have chosen to follow their friends or classmates out the door. Instead Mitch persevered and over came that obstacle. Mitch has been a constant source of selfless leadership for our segment. He has always made himself available to help a teammate with a ride home or an encouraging word. On Friday, by the time it was time for Mitch’s discus flight it was 43 degrees and spitting rain. Nearly every competitor at our meet succumb to the elements and threw under their seeding marks. Mitch again displayed mental toughness and resilience by letting go a lifetime PR at a meet with ZERO competitive atmosphere and in lousy weather conditions. Mitch showed our guys the PROCESS wins in spite of external factors. Mitch has been an asset to the ThrowsNation for 4 years and his leadership by example Friday night was impressive.


Erik Snell- Honorable mention State Qual in 3200 Sat, PDN

JT Bautista- JT is a work horse who does all that is asked of him.  He has been frustrated time and time again but stays at it.  JT was big in 4X8 and Mile having Big PR’s in both. We should see a big 3200 Tuesday at Hersey!

Shawn Wagner - Raking pits, filming, attending meets not competing in, was going to rake the pits 7th hour, big team guy!

Will Horvath, Tim Zalinski, Michael Shafis, John Moellenkamp - 4x100 Shout out school record


Prasant Kafle - Prasant is the ultimate “grinder” that just continues to work to improve.  That dedication has paid off this year in the 300 Hurdle. At the East Meet on Tuesday won the 300 F/S Hurdles against a strong wind, continuing to grow on his Stogie Relays PR of 44.78.  Prasant has blossomed so much since Freshman year, and we are really excited for the rest of his season, as well the next two years.

Ben Garnmeister - Young “Garn” ran a huge PR last night at the Dan Horyn Invite, clocking a 43.85 in the 300 Hurdles.  Ben has really taken another step as a Junior, and has been a huge part of the growing depth of the Hurdle Crew in 2019.  We are really looking forward to “Garn” finishing strong here this year, as well as what is ahead for his 2020 season.

Ryan Kenziera - A year ago injuries took Ryan off the track.  His willingness to work to get back to this point, to buy into the process of the rehab has allowed him to be where he is today, back on the track and running both the 110s and 300s for the Knights.  Ryan ran a double PR last night at Niles North, with an 18.76 in the 110 and a 46.41 in the 300. Where many would have walked away a year ago, Ryan persevered, and it is paying him off over and over this sophomore season.  The best is ahead for Ryan!

Sean Kura- Sean works very everyday.  He had a big PR in the 2 mile Saturday at BG.  He came back Tuesday at East and had another. Two PR’s in the 2 mile in 4 days = Great Effort.

Alex Rau- Alex stepped up at MSL East and earned a 5th place finish in the pole vault scoring 2 huge team points. Alex does whatever his coaches ask. Alex stepped up in a big moment!

Jack DeChoudens- Jack had some problems this weekend with his quad.  He worked thru it and doubled in the 4X8 and mile. He ran both w/o complaint and like an upperclassman as a sophomore.

Khalid Farah- Kalid is a great kid and teammate.  He works hard and does whatever we ask of him.  Coach renaud added him to the Middle Distance group.  He was also asked to take the challenge of running the 800.  He did great and we scored in the last 2 meets. At the East we scored 12 points b/c of Khalid and his efforts.  Also b/c he will do what is need to get better and help the team.

Jack Olson - Jack is a talented athletes who works incredibly hard. Jack can do it all! Jack was part of winning 4x1 and 4x2 relays at MSL East while also winning the long jump and pole vault both in personal bests. Jack is an integral part of our teams success.

Eric Malinowski - Eric is battling through the process of maturing into a competitor. He is working hard in weight room and is slowly but surely realizing that throwing right, not hard, is the key to his development. It is important to note that Eric is not being recognized today because of his outstanding discus performance from last night, but rather for his demonstrated ability to respond to adversity. After a catastrophic MSL East Meet Eric was able to refocus and compose himself. He returned to form in the Shot Put and in the discus competition he let go an enormous 15’ PR to take the team lead at 149’1” Eric has the talent to be special, last night represents a big step forward in the development of the mental toughness he’ll need to realize his potential.   

Miki Mihov - In the last 8 months Miki has undergone the biggest mindset and behavioral shift I’ve witnessed in my teaching/coaching career. He is focused at practice, working hard in the weightroom, and always willing to support the team. This week I asked him to accompany the team in a support role to the MSL East meet. He immediately responded “ I can help.” Not so long ago, I would have been concerned about having him around in a competitive scenario where our focus matters. This week I actively sought to insert him into a situation in which our team’s competitive mindset mattered. Miki’s consistently positive choices over this year are paying off for him and are a testament to the transformative power of change. I look forward to seeing Miki continue to make positive choices and to see where they can take him. 4/10

Tom Walter - Tom has struggled with injuries all year.  He has done everything to get back in top form.  Saturday at the Relays Tom’s work showed as he started off with a 4:40 low mile.  In a great double he ran the 1200 with a great finish to pass Wheelings top runner who was a state qualifier from XC.  Tom is ready to lead our DR team now and in the future.

Kosta Skoufos - Kosta is a quiet guy.  He lets his effort and running do the talking.  In a FS Medley Saturday he spoke loud with a BIG PR in the 800.  He passed a competitor and did not look back.  Kosta will continue to improve thru May with this kind of efforts.

Will Horvath - Absolute team first kid. Always wants to help our relays before any individual events. Will has had an impressive season and it is only going to get better. He does just about any event well, is always consistent and goes into competitions with a calm demeanor but you know he hates to lose. Will ran PR on Monday of 11.6, 53.4 and 23.9. Great meet!

Pax Kim - Pax quietly goes about his business but he cares deeply about the team and how he performans. He never questions anything. Pax had never run a 400 in his life and split 53.9 on Saturday. On Monday Pax ran PRs of 11.5, 53.7 and 23.4 all in one meet. Pax is an invaluable asset to the team and our success hinges on his success.

Matt Neal - I was incredibly happy when Matt told me he was going to join the track team. He’s a first class human being and a great athlete. Matt has been incredibly solid for us running 12.1 and 24.1. The reason he is getting the ETW award is because of his 55.9 split in the 4x400 Saturday. We needed a replacement, I told him he was in, and Matt simply said, “Ok. How do I run the race?” He did it perfectly. 55.9 for a first timer is a great time!

Sam Ko - Some is another one of our quiet kids who goes about his business but does everything his coaches ask of him. Sam has dedicated himself to getting faster and stronger over the last year. He was at summer camps, he was in our fall sprint group, and he was there every day throughout the winter. Sam has improved his 100 and 200 times from 13.3 and 28.1 to 12.3 and 26.3. He also squats an insane amount of weight!

Tyler Zediker - Tyler is one of our senior leaders who has shown a lot of improvement from last year to this year. I admire seniors like Tyler who stick it out for 4 years because they love the sport, they love the team, and they want to help in anyway possible. Like Neal, Tyler is getting this award for his 57.3 400 split at the Stogie Relays. Tyler’s open 400 PR last season was 60.3 so this is a huge improvement!

Matthew Squillacioti - The master of consistency. I always know what I’m going to get out of Matt - a great effort, a great relay runner and toughness. No questions asked. Matt has shown lots of improvement from his freshman year, which was good, but he is having a great sophomore season. Matt’s PRs last year were 12.5, 26.2 and 60.5. Last week he ran an open 200 in 25.0, has split in the low 11s 24s, and recently split 56 seconds in the 400. Keep working!

Sean Beihoffer - Sean has been a pleasure to coach during his freshman season. Sean is an exceptional sprinter and will be one of Prospect’s best when he is finished. Sean has run sub 12 seconds, has split under 24 seconds and recently split 56.1 seconds in the 400m. Sean can do it all and will continue to do it all for this team!

Alan Cacciabondo - Alan has been another great addition to the team. Alan is very fast and excels in the 200 and 400. At the Stogie Relays Alan split 56.6 in the 400m. Alan is also one of our great young relay runners, and I can’t wait to see what he can do in the coming years.


Noah Marx - Noah balled out in the 400 running a nearly 3 second PR in 53.91 while scoring 4 points for the team. This is a great sophomore time. Noah went into the race with a plan - get out fast and stay fast! Noah has had some great fly times in practice and was able to show off the work he’s done in a meet.

Matt Kuleszynski - Matt has bought into the two and a half year process to develop his skills as a hurdler, both on the track and in the weight room.  As he has attacked his senior year, Matt has shown that his patience in the process and his work ethic have paid off. Matt set a PR in the MSL meet with a mark of 8.64 seconds in the 55 High Hurdles.  This mark just missed qualifying for the finals. What is great about this PR is that Matt set it in a hurdle race that is his “secondary” area, as Matt has always been a better 300 Hurdle runner. To see how he has put it all together this Indoor season, making himself a contributor to our 2019 MSL INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIP is fantastic to see, as he has done some of his best work to prepare for this moment when no one was watching.  We as a staff are excited to see what the outdoor season brings for “Matty KOOL” in both the hurdles and the jumps.

Gavin Kafkakis, Nic Squillacioti, Paul Khairallah and Asher Warmanen 3200 Relay MSL- We asked 3 Sophomores and a Sr. 2 miler to run the 4X8.  It was a tall order for this team but they met the challenge.  Gavin carried the largest load with the first leg. He ran a PR and did a great job getting us into it.  Nic did a great job with the 2nd leg battling to a PR.. Paul also followed suit with and indoor PR as well as Asher.  We are Proud of the ETW attitude these guys showed.


Sebastian Swistak - I have never seen Sebastian more focused. His start to the 2019 season is possibly his most impressive athletic accomplishment at Prospect even though he has not marked one throw or scored a single point for the team. Sebastian is bringing an intentional process to practice, the weightroom, film study, and the classroom every day...and he is CRUSHING IT. He is fulfilling his role as leader and earning his position as captain through both his actions and his vocal leadership. He can be regularly seen trying to provide technical guidance in drills and in the weightroom to younger team members. Though he has been unable to personally compete, he has supported the team at every meet by finding ways to help. Coaching guys up, shagging, filming, and helping to run the Shot at our home meets at Proviso are some of the ways Sebastian has shown that everyone on our team, regardless of position, should look to lend a hand. While the last 6 weeks must have been a frustrating wait, Sebastian has been a model of the ThrowsNation mantra “Focus on the Process.” As we transition outside and he gets cleared there is no doubt in my mind THE RESULTS ARE COMING.

Jordan Morrow - Jordan The Kendall Morrow has been on track all 4 yrs and gives all he can.  He is progressing at substantial rate this year. He has been called upon to be a Sr. leader and one of our lead DR runners.  His confidence is growing and that was proven friday night when he took the lead in the varsity mile. Kendall was one of the few DR guys to get a race plan and then he went out and aggressively ran that plan to a big PR in the mile!


Omer Danaci - Double PR in the Triple Jump and 400m split after being sick and missing school for multiple days. Omer is the definition of hard work, works. Last season Omer opened at Proviso West running 30.5 in the 200m. 2 weeks ago he began his season running 26.6. Omer has worked incredibly hard over the last year to make those improvements. Omer had never run the 400 before Saturday. I plugged him in the 4x400 lineup and there were no complaints. He ran a super tough leg!


Team Olympic ETW Winners - Jordan Morrow, Erik Snell, Peter Napoleon, Adam Mekky, Tyler Montgomery, Ben Sahakian, Logan Mertes, Alex Orzechowski, Matt Raitano


Tim Zalinski - Ran a PR 6.5 in the 55m dash, led off the winning 4x200 relay in 23.6 seconds, and anchored our 4x400 relay in 53.7 seconds. Tim is willing to run and compete in any event his coaches ask of him. Tim loves competing in relays and finds joy in the success of his relays over his individual accomplishments. Tim has been a great leader for our sprints/jumps group and took control of our summer and fall offseason programs while barely missing a day.

Matt Raitano - Matt appears to be the next great sprinter from Prospect High School. He’s a quiet kid but loves to compete and hates missing practice. Matt finished 5th in his first high school race running 6.9 or 7.0 in the 55m dash, which is an amazing freshman time. Matt came back in the 200m and finished 3rd in a time of 25.0, the 3rd overall time on our entire team. Through hard work, dedication and commitment Matt could be one of Prospect’s all-time greatest track athlete.  (From Coach Beish: WHAT’S GOOD RAITANO!?)

Erik Snell - Erik was hurt early in part of the outdoor season last year.  He has dedicated himself to staying healthy and being the best he can be.  He leads by example everyday in everyway. With injuries to our other top DR guys Erik has been very flexible and has met the challenge of leading and learning.  His 3200 was right on the mark as I told Coach Renaud that he would run 9:54, he proceeded to run 9:54.8. He is right on track to finish big in May!!!

Bryce Tuchner - Young freshmen who had a great first meet.  Finished 4th in Hurdles at the Frosh/Soph level, continuing to grow by leaps and bounds each day.  Bryce has the quiet work ethic that all teammates can respect, and showed his potential for the future.

John Moellenkamp - John not only won the 55m in a personal best, he was also the 2nd leg on our winning 4x200. John started the meet by finishing 2nd in the long jump in a good season opener of 20 feet. More importantly John spent the entire second half of the meet helping teammates with block starts while holding blocks for all heats of the 200. John is deserving of the award based on working with our younger track athletes get better. (John is committed to learning to stay deeper than the deepest.)