Track and Field Introductory Meeting 1/27/20

Friday, January 24 2020

Prospect Track and Field Program Information 2020

Spirit Wear - Must Order by 2/10/20

Goals, Targets and Process


Goals and Targets need to be turned in to Schoology by 3:10pm on Friday, February 7th. Meet with your individual coach after that. Coach Renaud will be meeting with each of you throughout the season. You can also access the form in our Schoology group and will be turned in there.

Schoology: XHQR6-VCT97

Twitter: KOR_BlueCircle

Remind: Number: 81010 - Text: @bluecircl

Lockers - Event coaches will get you a lock and locker. 

Uniforms will be handed out the week of our first meet. 

Weekly email to parents and athletes. Athletes should check email daily before practice begins. Indoor space and outside conditions will change practice schedules. Practice runs smoothly if you are aware ahead of time. 

Captains: John Moellenkamp, Will Horvath, Leo Liu, Noah Marx, Prasant Kafle, Justin Carreon, Erik Snell, Tom Walter, Logan Mertes and Sebastian Swistak. Opportunities to become a captain. 

We will be dividing the team into groups each headed by a captain. At some point during the indoor season we will have a group "Olympic Games." TBD award for the winning group. 

ETW shirts nominated by coaches. Usually handed out weekly. Long-sleeve Columbia blue this year. 

QOTD: 1-2 times per week will be delivered by various athletes throughout the season. 

Mandatory for all athletes - Athletic black pants and the navy blue 1/4 zip from the Spirit Wear order. If you have your 1/4 zip from last year you don't have to purchase anything. This will be what we wear to most meets. It is required to get on the bus to compete.

Meet times, marks and splits can be found here:

Distance runners will go outside most days, sprinters need to have outside clothes in their lockers at all times because if it is nice we will go outside, throwers inside until Spring Break. Checking email and Remind texts will reduce any confusion. 

The biggest adjustments for freshmen and new athletes.
Practice is a requirement. If you can't attend it needs to be because of an excused absence and that communication needs to happen through Coach Renaud - Missing practices will result in missing competitions. 

Injuries do not excuse you from practice. Please communicate with your coaches if anything comes up. There is a difference between being hurt and being injured. We always start practice as a group and if you are injured then you go to the trainer after our team meeting. There are a variety of ways we help maintain fitness like cross-training. 

Do not tell an athlete on the team to tell a coach you won't be at practice. Communicate directly. 

If you can go to school for 8 hours you can go to practice.

Fundraiser - Selling garbage bags. EVERYONE NEEDS GARBAGE BAGS!

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