ETW Athletes 2020

Wednesday, February 19 2020


Armen Surenian - Armen is finding ways to contribute to the team while being unable to throw to a shoulder injury. He helped run off our intrasquad competition, has been diligent about his rehab work in the training room, and most crucially has taken a leading role in coaching up our young and newly arrived throwers. When a new guy arrived out of a winter sport last week Armen, without being asked, took him aside and gave him personal attention for nearly the entire practice. His feedback to the newcomer was both positive and effective. A lot of gains were made in just that one day. An injured senior athlete showing up everyday actively seeking out ways to contribute is about as team first as you get. We look forward to Armen’s continued leadership and his eventual return to competition. 

Nic Fardella - Nic is one of our most improved sprinters. I accidently put Nic in both the 200 and the 4x400. Did he question it? Did he ask why he was in both? No! I had no idea until he was running the anchor leg of the relay. Nic went out there and ran under 60 seconds for his TEAM!


Jack Berman - Jack had a pretty good first meet two weeks ago with a somewhat disappointing 4x400 split of 62 seconds. I challenge Jack to run better by putting him back in the 4x400 on the lead off. Jack did not disappoint! Jack split 57.4 seconds on his 4th event. Jack also had a great 60m, 4x2 split and long jump. Jack has a great attitude, work ethic, and focus to continually get better. 


Jorge Espinoza - Jorge started the yr in XC as a student participant.  He missed practice and did not put full effort in but was on the team.  After Saturday I can say he is NOW a Competitive Student Athlete!! He ran a 7 second PR in the 800.    This did not just happen, he is here everyday ready to go 100%. He also listened to his coaches and ran it just as he was told and did GREAT!!  He also eats more bars than the Throwers!! Jorge keep it up!!!

J.T. Bautista - JT is one of our most dedicated - HARD working kids who has had WAY TOO much adversity but he is back and healthy by doing all he can to be ETW.  He gave a great effort in a solid Mile and it will be tough to keep him out of the Sectional lineup!!


Tommy Park - Tommy made the greatest improvement in the 55m dash on the team. Tommy ran 7.55 seconds on 3/08/19 while on 2/14/20 Tommy ran 6.94 seconds, which is a legit time. Tommy also split 23.6 seconds in the 4x200, the teams 3rd fastest split. In the fall, Tommy is on the soccer team (multi-sport). 

Alan Cacciabondo - Alan was another kid who made a huge improvement from last season. Alan ran 7.48 seconds in 2019 while in 2020 Alan ran 7.08 seconds, which was the 7th fastest time on the team. Alan also improved in his 200 and 400 times while giving the pole vault a try.

Renz Lies - Renz is embracing his role as a senior leader on the Throws team. He has shown initiative in ensuring our young guys are plugged into our segment’s communication, he has lent a hand with giving guys a ride, and I’ve noticed him coaching up younger throwers during drill work. In the ring Renz is showing an increased focus and sense of urgency as a competitor. He is improving on a daily basis and is showing the results a consistent 4 year Process will yield. He hit a big PR at Proviso on Friday and has a lot of room left for growth. With continued focus Renz is a guy who will contribute in our Varsity lineup this season. 

Asher Warmanen - Asher went out at the start of the meet in the 4x8 and rocked a 2:08.   He ran very SMOOTH and even. He then came back to run a 2:10 in the open. Hopefully this will help Asher rededicate himself to putting 100% into his training, like his races Friday!!

Kevin Stokes - Kevin Tempoed the 800 for the team to wu for the 600.  His 600 he went out in 27.2/58.2 running against the state best 600 guys from York who are #1 and #2.  Kevin’s time is ranked 16th and his effort will net him faster times in the future!